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Raanan in Organic 

Raanan "Organic" Fish Feeds:


Raanan produces Organic fish feeds for:

  • Organic Tilapia  

  • Organic Pangasius 

  • Organic Barramundi 

  • Organic Sea Bream & Sea Bass

  • Organic Trout



Raanan Fish Feed has the expertise and know-how to guide and consult conventional farmers through the process of conversion to Organic.

Raanan Fish is certified as an organic feed producer since 2005.

Since 2013 Raanan is certified by Naturland and EU standards for production of aquatic animals and for farm animals feeds


           BIO - VN - 149

Organic fish and seafood produced in aquaculture:

  • Sea bass, Sea bream and Barramundi in cages in the sea

  • Salmon juveniles, Trout & Tilapia in cages in freshwater lakes

  • Tilapia, trout, char & Pangasius in cages in rivers

  • Pangasius & Tilapia in earth ponds, with fresh water

  • Shrimps in earth ponds, with sea water

  • Carp in natural ponds, closed from unexpected contamination

  • Blue-Mussels in rope culture, in the sea


 Recycling Aquaculture Systems (RAS) is not allowed in Organic aquaculture. 


The main differences between Organic and conventional Aquaculture are:

  • raw materials used in the feeds

  • animal welfare

  • The stocking density

  • social standards for the workers

  • A complete documented and transparent workflow.

The Organic World

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