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About Us

Raanan Fish Feed Ltd. was established in 1995.

Since 2006 it is solely owned by Raanan Berzak.

"Raanan" holds 100% of its subsidiary company, Raanan Fish Feed West Africa Ltd. in Ghana

(Visit our West Africa web site


"Raanan" integrates, all in house, the knowledge of:

  • Fish Nutrition

  • Fish feed production

  • Fish Farming management

  • Project management


"Raanan" produces feeds (Starters and Grow-out feeds) for the following species:

  • Marine species (Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Red Drum, H.S.Bass, Barramundi, Grouper & shrimp)

  • Cold fresh water (Trout & Sturgeon)

  • Warm fresh water (Tilapia, Carp, Catfish, Grey Mullet & Pangasious)

  • Ornamental fish (Koi, Gold fish & Tropical)

 and for the following farming methods:

  • Extensive farming in earthen ponds

  • Semi intensive farming in concrete tank

  • Super intensive farming in RAS

  • Cage farming (in fresh water & Sea water)

Raanan Research Center -  out R&D activity

Fish Nutrition:

  • Different formulations

  • Alternative Raw Materials and sub ingredients

  • Improved Growth performances

Farming management:

  • Stocking densities

  • Feeding regime

  • Feeding charts

The new location - Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz

"Raanan" facilities:

  • Two fish feed plants, in Israel and in Ghana, (with capacity         of 5.5 tons/h each)

  • Two crumbling facilities for starters feeds, in Israel and in Ghana. 

  • Certified organic feed production by Naturland and the EU

  • Certified ISO 9001/2015, FSSC 22000 & HACCP

  • R&D facilities in Israel

  • ​The head office of "Raanan Fish Feed Ltd. located at I.Z. Milouot, PM Ashrat, 25201, Israel.

Raanan - a home for farmers

Visit our West Africa web site 

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